That Feel Good the latest single by Jase Lansky digitally released in May 2022 and is part of the 'Hella Good Time' stable of tracks written and performed by Jase - 'Hella Good Time' EP to be released later in the year. 

The song That Feel Good is an uplifting track that brings back those good time moments we get to share every now and then with great friends and family. So check it out, and make sure you take time to "Feel Good" every now and then.


...takes more of a sobering path to his previous releases, providing a softer side to Jase's songwriting capabilities. While more of a ballad Don't Go still finds time to bring in that "country rock" sound, and is accompanied by one amazing music video.


...written and recorded by Jase Lansky, the song brings home that authentic country sound with a solid rock driving beat. So if you like a foot tapper that gets stuck in your head then this is the song for you.

RIP IT UP! the debut album from Jase Lansky and is a mix of driving country songs and heart-felt ballads. Produced and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee we are sure this will be up there with some of your favourite tunes. Click on the below tracks to hear a preview sample of each song.

Rip It Up!

Jase Lansky

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Jase Lansky music is also available via all streaming platforms including Apple MusicDeezer and Spotify.